Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Associated Environmental Services, LLC.,

Associated Environmental  Services, LLC., is an Indoor Air Specialist in assessment and remediation of Mold, Chinese Drywall and Lead from commercial and residential buildings.  We offer an affordable and expeditious service to promptly assess, test, report or remediate assessed contamination within a timely manner so that re-occupancy or build back can begin as soon as possible.

Fungi (Mold) Determination

  • Air Quality Sample

    Mold Testing

    Mold Swab

  • Swab Sample
  • Lift Sample
  • Bulk Sample

Lead Determination

  • Swab Sample

Chinese Drywall Verification

  • Bore-scope Investigation

Remediation and Containment

  • Fungi (Mold)
  • Lead
  • Drywall

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