Mold Services

Mold Inspection, Remediation and Build Back

Do you smell musty odors in your Home or Business?

Are you experiencing chronic headache, migraine and/or upper respiratory problems, such as sneezing, coughing and/or sore throat?

Have you noticed Plumbing, Roof, Exterior Wall Leaks?  Poorly Ventilated Bath, Laundry or Kitchen?

If so, chances are you are having air polluting mold growing on indoor surfaces and potentially impacting your breathing and health.

If you suspect MOLD or other VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in your Residence or Work Place, let an experienced, State Certified Professional assess the situation and verify with the latest advanced detecting equipment.


Initial Field Visit

An Initial Field visit and On-Site Detection is necessary to determine Air Quality and Contamination.  Upon assessment of contamination, a report of the potential cause of poor indoor air quality may be obtained.  Appropriate Samples will be necessary for further analysis to scientifically document and determine the toxin/s in support of a written report and remediation protocol to remedy.

Assessment Report

An Assessment report is submitted within 48 hours after receipt of sample results from the laboratory  (usually within 72 hours of initial inspection).

Remediation and Build-back

Remediation and Build-back may also be necessary to make your living or work space habitable again.  Our Build-back Services are offered through our partner company, Associated Design and Construction, Inc.



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